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Our Story:

Paul Reynolds founder of Heroes is an ex service man from the 1st Battalion the queens Regiment which he left some 30 years ago, which has made him as white haired as you see him today.

In these 30 years he has done quite a few jobs some he doesn’t care to mention. The best one out of all was to become a self employed Private Hire driver which he founded interesting, it meant being his own boss, he could work the hours that suited him, work hard as he wished and have time off whenever he wanted.

He says, “As a Self employed Private Hire driver you get to meet all kinds of people from the famous well known personalities to the normal corporate clients.” He has progressed from an ordinary Private Hire driver to a professional executive specialist and has worked with a few of the well known companies providing executive car services around London.

We are all very well aware of the fact that when someone comes out of the army for him it’s like, walking out of the door into an open space and doesn’t have a clue as to which direction to follow?

That is how he came up with an idea that he should form the very first social enterprise private hire executive car company in the UK, that would help ex military personnel like himself, steering them back into work helping with their transition into civilian Life, not to let these individual be a burden on the tax payers, and keep the ex military servicemen and women away from the possibility of being homeless.

You don’t have to have a degree to be an Executive driver just need a good sense of directions and be able to read maps which is a part of a normal military training and in time we would manage the office with people who could not drive due to injuries received during their service in the forces. There would be untold employment of all kinds, he says.

He knew the fact that he needed help to execute this idea so he put the suggestion forward to his best friend and partner in business Ali Dilawari who he had known for nearly 20 years he read the 5 bits of hand written paper which he thought was his business plan, Ali laughed and said he could see what Paul was trying to do. Ali liked the idea but five pages would not cover it, their business plan ended up being written over 37 pages later with how many appendixes he doesn’t remember. They finally finished the business plan and sought advice
from the professionals. At first it was pulled to bits by everyone they liked the idea but the business plan was missing something. Slowly their business plan got smaller with some help from friends, our next hurdle was that we had been funding it all by themselves every single penny spent came from their own pockets.

In September 2013 Ali and Paul were finding it very difficult to keep the dream alive and knew that if something did not happen soon they would have to abandon what thought to be a great idea which they had also been told by other people.

In a last final attempt Paul decided to phone around and called some of his old buddies who served with him in the Queens regiment they all loved the idea and gave him a some numbers to ring one of these numbers was of X-Forces when he rang and thought that would be a waste of his time, but to his surprise he was greeted with Mike McKenzie’s voice saying what a great idea it was and had legs he could help with this come in and let’s have a meeting.

He also spoke to Ren Kapur CEO “who will always boost you up and get you going”, from that moment onwards both the partners have had all sorts of advice, funding and direct in house mentoring from X – Force . They have the advantage of being close to their offices so they could possibly get all the help that is needed to get them going. Yes like any company they do have a few problems with drivers as it is taking up to 16 weeks to get a PCO licence but with the mentoring and advice that X-Forces will be giving them they are certain a solution will be found soon.

Ali’s advice for budding entrepreneurs is?

“Believe in your idea and follow it through, even through the rough times - which there always are. It’s up to you to make your idea work, so work hard at it.”

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